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Marseille Vs Liverpool, UEFA Champions League Group A 12/11/07 Highlight Videos

December 11, 2007

Marseille vs Liverpool

Pre Match Comp


Marseille 0 – 1 Liverpool – Gerrard

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Marseille 0 – 2 Liverpool – Torres

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Marseille 0 – 3 Liverpool – Kuyt

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Marseille 0 – 4 Liverpool – Babel

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Torres Turns Player – 18th Min


Gerrard Post Match Interview


Marseille 0 – 1 Liverpool — Gerrard

Marseille 0 – 2 Liverpool — Torres

Marseille 0 – 3 Liverpool — Kuyt

Marseille 0 – 4 Liverpool — Babel

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Liverpool Wallpapers

November 14, 2006

Source of Liverpool Wallpapers: Liverpool Wallpapers

Top 50 Foreign Players In The English Premier League

November 12, 2006

Video clips : Top 50 Foreign Players In The English Premier League


November 12, 2006
Jermaine Pennant returns to North London today with his new club but admits that if he had his time again, he would have chosen to join Liverpool rather than the Gunners when he was 16.
The Nottingham-born winger was one of the hottest properties in English football when he swapped Notts Country for Highbury in 1999 but while things didn’t quite work out at Arsenal, Pennant is just happy that he finally ended up at the club he grew up supporting. “I have no regrets about going to Arsenal as a 16 year-old,” he says. “But if I had the chance again I would have come to Liverpool when I was 16. I am just thrilled to be here now. There were bad times as well as good times for me at Arsenal, but overall I enjoyed my years there. “That was one of the choices I made in life and I had to live with it but I am at Liverpool now so I couldn’t have don too much wrong. A lot of players would love to be in my position. Obviously I think there is more to come from me. I want to score goals and I am trying to find the back of the net.”
From official Liverpool site

Player Stats

November 11, 2006

If you want to know how your favarite player play,link here :
Watch Players Stats


November 10, 2006
Dirk Kuyt insists his friendship with Arsenal playmaker Robin van Persie will go out of the window when Liverpool visit the Emirates Stadium for the first time this weekend. The Dutchman spoke to his international teammate before deciding to join Liverpool in August � but he reckons his phone call before kick-off on Sunday will have a very different ring to it. “I will ring him and tell him Liverpool are going to win when we play at Arsenal,” jokes Kuyt. “I played one season with him in the Dutch league. He is growing a lot as a player as well as a human being. “I will talk to van Persie, he’s a friend from the Dutch squad and we also were in the same team together at Feyenoord before he moved to Arsenal. It will be nice to see him and to beat him! “After four home wins and the cup victory we have lots more confidence now, we just want to see how well we can play at Arsenal, we need to win.” Kuyt also insists he doesn’t mind which striker he plays alongside. He said: “I have played three matches on the trot with Peter Crouch and that partnership is getting better and better. “It was the same with Craig Bellamy, we were improving together so there are now two partnerships that we can use knowing they work well. “I can work with both of them. Things are getting better and better.”
From official Liverpool site


November 10, 2006

Send e-mail to Gerrard :Contract to Gerrard


November 10, 2006
Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez has poured scorn on alleged quotes from his agent linking him with a move to Italy. The Spaniard insists he has no plans to leave Anfield. “I was talking to my agent and he explained to me what the journalist had asked him,” said Rafa. “It was a website. The journalist said the Italian league is good, my agent said it’s fantastic. The journalist asked if Rafa could manage there, my agent said I am a good manager. “After this they started changing words and at the end of the day you are in jail! “I’m really happy here and I’m not thinking about another club. I am thinking about winning a lot of trophies with Liverpool.”


November 10, 2006
Rafael Benitez has reiterated his belief that Steven Gerrard is a better player than Frank Lampard. The two talented midfield men come face to face at Stamford Bridge tomorrow as Liverpool aim to cut the gap on league leaders Chelsea. Lampard goes into the crucial game as the newly crowned England player of the season, narrowly pipping Gerrard, but Benitez is in no doubt about which player he would rather have in his side. “You look at Steven and what he has done for us this season, to have scored 17 goals for Liverpool, that is just fantastic,” says the Reds boss. “I don’t know how important Lampard is for Mourinho, but Gerrard is the key for us. People compare the two players and they say that Lampard scores more goals and he plays more games. “But to score 17 goals for a team like Liverpool that scores far less than Chelsea, that shows Gerrard really is the key player. “Lampard is a very good player but he has very many good players – very expensive players – around him at all times,” said the Anfield coach. “Sometimes Chelsea have such dominance that they can coast through games – they find it easier at times to win matches. “So people say that Lampard plays so many games, but when you are winning two or three-nil with plenty of time to go, then it is easier to manage that game, to rest in the contest. “We don’t have that luxury and it means our players get harder matches. Gerrard has to play hard through many matches but he is still offering so much to us every game.”

What do you think about rotation system?

November 3, 2006

what do you think about our team performance in Europe match ?