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Dani Pacheco : THE RED KILLER

September 12, 2007

Pacheco, one of the pearls of the youth team, ‘flees’ to Liverpool

The never ending story. England has set it’s sights yet another one of the emerging figures in the blaugrana youth setup and, this time, they’ve managed to pry it away from Barça. In this occasion, the ‘robbery’ has been committed by Liverpool, who have taken Daniel Pacheco with them, central forward of the you-16 team.

The young player, who, despite having just turned 16 this past January, has already been used regularly for Alex Garcia for the you-18A, has decided to accept the ‘Reds’ offer to play in England for the next 3 seasons. Although Barça has tried to keep the player under it’s wing, the agreement between the English club and the player is irreversible.

Garcia Pimienta, his manager at the you-16A’s this season, considers that he is “a big loss for the club because we’re talking about a striker with lots of quality and a goalscorer. He’s been our top goalscorer, reaching almost 30 goals and he’s already played with the you-18A’s, so I don’t think this is a sporting issue, because he is highly valued at the club”. The coach considers that “along with Thiago Alcantara and Gai Assulin he is one of the you-16 players with best prospects that we have, but there is nothing we can do now. It all happen very fast”.

Dani Pacheco arrived in Barcelona from his native Malaga and has spent the last four years at the club. Now, like Cesc, Pique or Fran Merida before him, he’s gone to England.