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Community Shield : Liverpool 2 – 1 Chelsea

November 17, 2006


Goal Clips : Liverpool 2-1 Chelsea

Liverpool goals : 1-0 Riise (rocket shot) ; 2-1 Crouch (header)
Chelsea goal :
1-1 Shevchenko

Pro match comp-13mb-Download here

Highlight Video : Liverpool VS Chelsea

Skills Video:
SWP run
Kalou skill / dummy
sissoko roulette

Requests Video:
Kalou sub
Shevchenko shot
Mikel sub
Aurelio chance
Garcia/Crouch chance , good save
Gonzalez shot and run

Misc Video:
Fight and a few tackles
pennant tackle
Lampard bad miss

Presentation and Interviews Video:
Trophy ceremony-30MB
Rafael benitez interview-10mb
Mourinho interview-20mb (Turboupload)

Credit : buffcuff


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Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool (Charity Shield)
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Credit : FIZ


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