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After the Match UCL : LIVERPOOL 5-1 CHELSEA

May 3, 2007
Tuesday 01 May 2007 19:45 , Champions League Semi Final (2)


Liverpool reached another Champions League final after an epic semi-final victory. Here’s the best of the post-match reaction.

The Liverpool manager

“Maybe it was better than when we beat Chelsea in 2005 and I am really, really proud of my players. Chelsea are a very good side with some good players and at times it was difficult to control them. They had a lot of free-kicks but we defended really well and worked so hard all through the game. Our supporters were fantastic and the atmosphere was amazing and we are going to enjoy this victory. Pepe Reina was fantastic in the penalty shoot-out and he is an expert when it comes to that. The players knew how to beat Chelsea – by playing with passion. When you can hear the supporters behind you, it helped the players play with determination, passion and heart and they were also trying to do a good job with game intelligence. The game was massive and everything was perfect. You can see the difference when you play in another stadium and then you play here.”
Rafael Benitez

The opposition manager

“They scored four and we scored one, that is the story of the penalties and shoot-outs are part of the game. And that’s what people will remember. They will remember the final was Liverpool v Manchester United or AC Milan. In five, 10, 20 years nobody remembers who was in the semi-final. Nobody remembers that because the history of football is all about who makes the final.”
Jose Mourinho

The Liverpool player

“All the lads deserve so much credit for the achievement last night. For me, it felt even better than the victory in the semi-final in 2005. I remember on that night it was all about digging in and defending for our lives. We did that this time when we had to, but you could see there was more quality to our play throughout the team, from the goalkeeper, through to the defence, midfield and strikers. We deserved to win over 90 minutes, created more chances, and over the whole game, we’ve never really been hurt by them. We’ve shown how much we’ve improved in the last two years – we’re far more dangerous now. Going through on penalties is always nerve-wracking, but we knew in Pepe there’s no-one better in the world in that situation and he’s delivered the goods for us again. As for the fans, what more can we say? They’re the best in the world and proved it again. It was louder 45 minutes before kick-off last night than it is in any other stadium during the match. They’re unbelievable. I think Mourinho was a bit disrespectful calling us a little club. Two finals in three years – not bad for a little club.”
Steven Gerrard

From Liverpool

Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez hails the Reds’ “passion, determination and heart” as they beat Chelsea 1-0 at Anfield and reach the Champions League final on penalties.

UCL : PSV 0 – 3 Liverpool After The Match

April 6, 2007

George Gillett Interview

Talks about players, investments, transfer budget & stadium capacity.

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Strange ball behaviour

Strange ball behaviour, ball spin and get back on the pitch

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Post Match Interviews

Interview Rafa Benitez, Ronald Koeman, Steven Gerrard & Peter Crouch

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Kuyt’s Yellow Card

Kuyt’s Yellow Card. Misses next game.

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Credit : ferrariboy21