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July 5, 2007
Jimmy Rice 05 July 2007
Here’s what some of the world’s top football experts think of Liverpool’s new record signing.
Torres signs for Liverpool

Abraham Garcia, coach at junior levels: Fernando Torres has been ahead of everyone else throughout his career, thanks to natural power, pace and explosiveness. He’s an ambitious player who has achieved all the goals he has set himself, including recovery from a bad injury at a young age. He’s become a household name, a difficult task playing at a club which isn’t having one of its better spells in recent years. He’ll probably become world-famous because he is developing fully. Without a doubt his name will mark a footballing era. Directness, pace, power, excellent in the air and the mindset of a born winner make Fernando an extraordinary player.

David Beckham: For me, Fernando Torres is one of the best players I’ve come up against in Spain, and he’s one of the best forwards in Europe. The problem is that, as he is a forward, people only look at his misses, but he’s a great player.

Alfio Basile, Argentina’s national team coach: He is a different player, as the best are. With the national team against Belgium he was inspired. He kicked two and the two were goals. He’s a player with great qualities.

Carlos Garcia Cantarero, coach of Atletico Madrid 2001: Fundamentally, Fernando is a very mature player in all aspects of the word. I particularly notice that he always chooses the best available option in any situation – that’s where his goalscoring prowess comes from. Off the ball he plays the game very well, he has a remarkable change of pace and innate skill. These three factors are what make a player great. All that, added to excellent technical ability are what make Torres a special player.

Torres signs for Liverpool

Claudio Ranieri, Atletico’s ex-trainer: Atletico has a great player in Fernando Torres. El Nino seems to me an exceptional boy. With him, the Atleti’s future is brilliant.

Frank Rikjaard, Barcelona coach: Fernando Torres is a forward’s forward, and he gives a team depth. He’s fast, direct and dangerous in the box. He’s still very young but he’s doing really well. He accepts responsibility and he has a great future.

Gilardino, AC Milan forward: I would like better to play with Fernando Torres than with Ibrahimovic because the Spanish forward scores more goals, he has a great quality and he is younger. Ibrahimovic scores less, but it isn’t my decision who would play at Milan.

Spanish football expert Guillem Balague: Fernando is much more than just a counter attacking player. He is a very clever player, especially outside the penalty box, and I can see him forming very effective partnerships, especially with Dirk Kuyt.

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