Extended Highlights (RM-HQ-WS)

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by Captain Gerrard8

Manchester City (5th, 35/57pts) 0-0 Liverpool (4th, 36/54pts)
Sunday, 30th December, 16:00 (GMT)
Eastlands, Manchester

Manchester City Chances

Richards Loosing a Tooth Due to a Challenge with Torres (Min 3)
Download MediaFire

Vassell Chance (Min 8)
Download MediFire

Liverpool Chances

Kewell Shoot (Min. 25)

Download MediaFire

Aurélio Shoot (Min 32)
Download MediaFire

Benayoun Shoot (Min 43)
Download MediaFire

Torres Chance (Min 47)
Download MediaFire

Torres One on One Chance (Min 48)
Download MediaFire

Gerrard Freekick (Min 50)
Download MediaFire

Kuyt Header Cleared from Line (Min 85)
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by You Soccer Tube

Full Match Highlights
Download Rapidshare

by Soccer Studios

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