Did Essien Got 2 Yellow Card ?

This video about Essien got 2 Yellow card not 1 card

Link For Video

By Shawky Gerrard

Live Video

By Levy

Essien receives 2 yellows – Watch it

credit to fred54

By Shesmusik

3 Responses to “Did Essien Got 2 Yellow Card ?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    sorry but its a mistake of you. i hoped that its right but i’ve searched for it and found out that the 2nd yellow card was for ben haim instead of essien

    but if you find another yellow card for ben haim then you’re right

  2. Video Clips Collected&Posted Says:

    Actually that yellow card is not for ben haim but for J.Terry. Rob Styles told after the match. But this videos
    is show that how the suiation in the match are. When you saw it first time what do you think?

    And did anyone heard the news from the Sun about the relationship of Styles and ROman?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    no i didn’t hear of it but when it’s true then liverpool will get the 3 points and chelsea will have much problems

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