Bill Shankly, 13 Great Video Clips Part 2

5. The day the boss introduced the world to Ron Yeats
Shankly swoops to sign Ron Yeats from Dundee United in the summer of 1961. Described by Shanks as ‘six foot tall and strong as an ox’, Yeats becomes the colossus of the Reds team and Liverpool captain.
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6. Shankly changes Liverpool’s strip to all red
We recall the day the boss decided to change Liverpool’s strip to all red in November 1964. Previously Liverpool had worn white shorts, red shirts and red socks but looking for a psychological advantage, Shanks made the change.
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7. The ‘Chairman Mao’ speech
Brian Hall desribes Shankly’s genius ‘Chairman Mao’ speech. Coming after the 1971 FA Cup final defeat against Arsenal, the speech magically lifted the spirits of the fans who tunred out to see their heroes.
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8. Shankly’s final league title
When Liverpool won the League Championship in 1973, no one knew it would turn out to be Bill’s last as Reds manager.
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Credit :
CaptainGerrard8, Psychohare, LastRider, ferrariboy21

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