Bill Shankly, 13 Great Video Clips Part 1

1. Shankly Resigns
Watch the classic footage of when Tony Wilson from Granada TV went onto the streets of Liverpool to inform shocked fans that Bill Shankly had resigned as manager of Liverpool FC.
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2. Author John Keith on Bill Shankly
Esteemed local author and journalist John Keith talks about the legendary Bill Shankly and the impact the great man had at Anfield.
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3. Rebuilding his team after a 1970 FA Cup exit
After slumping to an embarrassing FA Cup exit at the hands of Second Division Watford in 1970, Bill Shankly takes drastic action and rebuilds his Liverpool side.
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4. Winning his first League Championship as Liverpool manager
After more than a decade in the football wilderness, a sixth League Championship success was confirmed – Shankly’s first.
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Credit : CaptainGerrard8, Psychohare, LastRider, ferrariboy21

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