Liverpool Fc The 70’s, 1 Hour MP4 Video

Liverpool FC The 70’s

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MP4 1 Hour 279MB

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

A panel comprising 4 Anfield favourites – Steve Highway, Phil Thompson, David Fairclough, and Alan Kennedy evaluate what was for Liverpool, a golden decade even by their standards. FA Cup Winners in ’74 Euro Champs in ’77 and ’78 and first Division champso n no les sthan a staggering 5 occasions, Liverpool chose this decade to set the benchmark for sucess.

After choosing their personal team of the decade plus a manager, the panel then support their choice by analysing key moments from osme of Liverpool 70’s cup campaigns.

p.s. Sorry about being encoded in MP4 but was short on time. Also have Liverpool FC The 80’s as well if anyone would like that uploaded

Credit : manu182;ferrariboy21

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