Liverpool Vs Manchester United Past Goals, Classic goals part #1

Liverpool vs Manchester United League Cup Final 2003 2-0

Steven Gerrard 1-0…VS0IEXTRVSR92FY

Michael Owen 2-0…75277KBQLISFTPV

Liverpool vs Manchester United Charity shield final 2001

Garry MCallister 1-0…NM3KZSI0M4HHUY2

Michael Owen 2-0…EH1W4VOUFB32EPT

3 great goals in one file(Rush, Berger, Owen)…AW3F7CHESCJA6AB

John O Shea own goal 2004-2005…XB1WAEA6OP1I0OU

Danny Murphy penal 2003-2004…O810Z0F57PVEZQC

Steven Gerrard famous goal vs Manchester United 2001-2002…5E2QDS2VOCZO562

John Arne Risse famous goal vs Manchester United…6D26A1WT71O23CK

Michael Owen 2001-2002…GW154E1TGU74UI4

Michael Owen 2001-2002…NR3T6UVLCBTWE5G

Danny Murphy 2000-2001…BB0Z2SFEWBH2D7I

Danny Murphy 2001-2002…VR2FHSWTHTQNHS0

Harry Kewell 2003-2004…LP07NZQJXVHC8XK

Robie Fowler 2000-2001 great goal…1P0BLTUIALJA464

John Barns two goals vs Manchester United 1990

1. goal…3T3S4B1D8C1IAUA

2. secund goal…FM3GAZ46PF137WM

Credit : mkalota

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